They say ‘Form follows function’, but these fashion clothing stores take design to the structure itself. We always associate anything to do with fashion to have style and personality. How boring would it be if famous fashion designers sold their dresses and haute couture garments in a store that resembled a warehouse? Design impacts every aspect of a designer – be it from the creations they produce, the lifestyle they live and the stores they sell their works in. Let’s take a look at some of the best designed fashion clothing stores in the world.

Louis-Vuitton-Island-Maison-Marina-Bay-Sands-Singapore-41.Louis Vuitton’s Island Maison

His Marina Bay Sands store in Singapore, created in 2012 is innovative and radical in terms of design. Conventionality still tends to rule many aspects of the lives we lead and this break away from tradition led to the building of the LV South East Asian flagship store. This radical stand alone store reflects the commitment to fashion and culture that LV radiates and it comes as no surprise to many that the flagship store was designed to truly be a wonder in its own right.


2.Prada’s Aoyama Mosaic Store

Located in Tokyo, this store’s shape is dramatically changed depending upon the angle of incidence of the local profile. It actually depends upon the viewer’s location – the building could either look more like a crystal or like an archaic building with a saddle roof.

19armani-6003.Armani’s NY store

Armani takes design and style to a whole new level. The staircase widens up with it being an intrinsic part of the store’s design. The staircase is the connector of the various floors and originates in a whirlwind fashion which opens up to various things that Armani has.

4.The Puma House in Japan

Created in 2011, this store boasts of a series of staircases that either goes somewhere or nowhere. And the fun and the frustration is what leads people to exercise their bodies’, at the same time it brings to mind the connection to stadium stairs which reminds us of Puma’s long relationship with sports.

5.Valentino’s Milan Store

Opened to celebrate fifty years of the brand’s existence, the new flagship store was created to embrace personal space and not to be a run-of-the-mill store. The store houses many rooms, each of which have their own personality and house the various collections of the Valentino brand. Resembling a palazzo more than a store, this building perfectly imbibes the luxury of Italian culture while still presenting the luxury and uniqueness of the brand itself.

6.Christian Dior’s Tokyo Store

Japan has become a huge market for all things stylish and this store also represents a facet of the brand’s image. Constructed in 2004, this building may seem unimpressive, but the glass exterior protects a second skin inside made of acrylic. This gives a nice play of light, hinting at the fashion delights of what lay beyond.

7.Maison Hermès Tokyo Store

This building was always made to stand out. From its 13000 bespoke, 450mm square glass blocks which have special curved blocks on the corners, this block was made not only to look different and eye catching, but also to withstand earthquakes and absorb seismic chocks that usually affect Japan. Resembling a glowing Japanese lantern, this store represents an element of Japanese culture while also being the ‘light’ of the night.

8.Prada’s NY Store

Combing art and architecture, this store is a space that embraces not only a public space that everyone can enjoy, but also houses a lab, a gallery, the boutique of course and more – This clever plan breaks down any preconceived notions of the brand and to integrate the shopping experience with public activity.


Fashion has always fascinated me. The play of colors, cuts, styles and trends is so fascinating. Fashion is constantly changing and this is what makes it such an adventure.