There have been iconic dresses from the last century to now – whether it was worn on the red carpet or graced by royalty, there have been some dresses that have made headlines all over the world and firmly put some designers on the fashion map. A dress is so important to a woman. The cut, the style, the color, the material and so much more have to be considered to make it feel perfect on a lady.

It must flatter yet remain feminine, look classy but not prudish – that perfect combination is what every woman dreams of having, but very few companies deliver.

In this age where everything is mass produced and we end up settling for something that’s second best without realized that we are compromising, getting that perfect fit is something to rejoice about. If you find a brand that suits your figure to a ‘T’, stick with it. Here are some designers and their creations that made tongues waggle.

1.The black dress with gold safety pins by Versace

This dress made headlines and is probably known as Versace’s best known creations. Worn by Elizabeth Hurley as she accompanied Hugh Grant to the 1994 premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral, it is also deemed as being responsible for launching Elizabeth Hurley onto the global media stage. Made of silk and Lycra with oversized gold pins strategically placed in certain areas to hold the dress together, this dress received considerable global media coverage.

mgid-ao-image-mtv2.The green dress worn by J Lo by Versace

Another dress that brought worldwide media and really reinstated Versace’s dominance in the fashion world was the green chiffon dress worn by Jennifer Lopez to the 42nd Grammy Awards in 2000. The fabric had a tropical leaf and bamboo pattern that was printed on to the sheer fabric. The design itself was bold with the neckline extending well past the navel and caused the dress to be part of discussions in various talk shows all around the world for a long while after the event took place. This dress also helped cement Donatella Versace’s career after the death of her designer brother Gianni Versace.

Halle-Berry-in-Elie-Saab-Oscars-Dress3.Halle Berry’s embroidered sheer dress by Elie Saab

It is very rare that an A lister goes to the Oscars wearing a dress not designed by the big fashion houses. She stole the red carpet with her dress which seemed risqué at the time and caused a lot of tongues to waggle – but with a body like that she could afford to carry off the look. She took a gamble with the dress and it worked and helped Elie Saab to get good publicity – firmly launching the brand into the limelight.

4.Anne Hathaway’s glittery dress by Armani Prive

If mermaids could shimmer and their scales could be taken, they would’ve paled against the beauty of this dress. Flattering her figure, it exuded elegance and really stood out in the 2009 Oscars.

5.Jennifer Aniston’s Red Oscars dress by Valentino

She looked radiant and with such an amazing and form flattering gown, she was the highlight of the Red carpet event. There’s something to be said for simple lines that flow with the length of the body. Hooray for feminine lines and class. Valentino’s dress, taken from its Spring 2013 Couture Collection looked much better on Jennifer than on the ramp.

6.Jennifer Lawrence’s red dress by Calvin Klein

Simplicity was the tone of the night with Jennifer’s red sexy dress that hugged her curves but did not have any extra decoratives to detract from the actress’ figure.


Fashion has always fascinated me. The play of colors, cuts, styles and trends is so fascinating. Fashion is constantly changing and this is what makes it such an adventure.