faq-2Q. I’ve notice a black and white pattern that seems very popular now – I think it’s called Houndstooth – why is it called that?

This two toned textile pattern can be found in various color combinations, but it is very often seen in the classic combination of black and white. The broken checks pattern itself was said to originate because it was inspired by the uneven shape of a hound dog’s teeth. It first made it s appearance in 1930’s and has come back in recent trends with a bang.

Q. I hear the term Haute Couture? What does that mean?

It is the French term for high fashion and refers to the production of luxury custom made clothing which is exclusive. Constructed from expensive, high quality fabrics, the garments are stitched together with great attention to detail by experienced seamstresses. Usually haute couture is created in an atelier which is the French word for workshop. The French language makes everything sound so stylish.

Q. What is a staple I must have in my wardrobe?

What most people advice is to have at least one LBD – that is a must have because it is versatile – it can be your last minute choice for any event as well still make you look like the gorgeous thing you are. Pair it up with at least one pair of decent heels. For any outfit to look dressy, you should have one pair of flat shoes that you are comfortable with, and one pair of heels that can make any outfit look dressy. Look for beige or black shoes to make it work with all your dresses. For necklaces, you should choose items that suit your personality. If you like the classy touch, go for a pearl necklace which never goes out of style, or if you like glitz, go for some simple bling things – or rings and other accessories that work with any outfit.

Q. What is the biggest Fashion show in the world?

To celebrate and showcase the season’s trending designs, Paris Fashion Week is the most celebrated fashion week held bi-annually in Paris. Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world and all the top fashion houses display their work to eminent personalities from the fashion industry – Attracting buyers, famous celebrities and personalities from all over the world, this show celebrates the creations of the big names form the fashion world.

Q. How long does a fashionable dress last?

Fashion trends can change as quickly as a breeze hitting the trees. What was in trend last season could be out the next. Colours and styles also change very rapidly. If you have the budget to allow for the rapid changes, you’ll be a happy camper. But if you want to have a few staples that will be in your wardrobe for a long while – you should have a few smart trousers, blouses, and skirts. Avoid strong patterns because they won’t be versatile and be able to be paired with other items.