Fashion has always fascinated me. The play of colors, cuts, styles and trends is so fascinating. Fashion is constantly changing and this is what makes it such an adventure. You can see women of all sizes change their look with the right outfit. It’s amazing how a simple wardrobe change can make a huge difference in how a woman looks.


I’ve always believed that you should dress smartly. I’ve loved classic cuts, silhouettes and pearls. Call me old fashioned but those styles are ever green and I don’t have to keep updating my wardrobe every season. But don’t get me wrong – I love splashes of color.

I used to doodle a lot as a child and I think I always wanted to dabble in fashion. Ever since I was a little girl, my sister and I would play with our dolls and stitch dresses for them on our summer break. I continued to make dresses for all my dolls as I grew older and slowly through trial and error I successfully made dresses for myself. Just having an innate sense of fashion and what instinctively looked good together made me a fashion guru of sorts within my friends circle.

I couldn’t afford the styles that the big fashion houses used to showcase, but I could make my own versions of them. People on the road used to stop and ask me where I got my dresses from and this made me think of an idea. I decided to open my own online blog where I featured the outfit of the day and tips on styles and accessories. It actually became a huge hit!

Soon I was getting featured in articles and news clips because the amount of followers my blog post had was over a million and growing strong. I actually never expected it to grow so fast, so soon, but they say that if you love what you do, you’ll figure out a way to make money off it. And this is exactly what happened. I never went to any fancy fashion school or had any formal education in stitching, but the internet, my parents and a supporting family helped make all of this possible.

I followed my dream and I am so excited! I’ve been approached to make a line with ‘Top Shop’ which happens to be one of my favorite shopping stores. I love the idea of looking glam or chic without burning a hole in your pocket. This may not be haute couture but I’m getting my brand of fashion to the world and I’m loving each step of the way.

Just a few weeks back when I was over at my folks’ place, we were looking at old boxes of all my things and were having a reminiscing session and we chance upon the old dresses I made when I was a kid. Somehow, it felt so good – seeing where I am and where I came from – It’s my journey and very moment along the way contributed to me being me.