The Changing Faces of Fashion – Trending Designer Clothes

There have been iconic dresses from the last century to now – whether it was worn on the red carpet or graced by royalty, there have been some dresses that have made headlines all over the world and firmly put some designers on the fashion map. A dress is so important to a woman. The cut, the style, the color, the material and so much more have to be considered to make it feel perfect on a lady.

It must flatter yet remain feminine, look classy but not prudish – that perfect combination is what every woman dreams of having, but very few companies deliver.

In this age where everything is mass produced and we end up settling for something that’s second best without realized that we are compromising, getting that perfect fit is something to rejoice about. If you find a brand that suits your figure to a ‘T’, stick with it. Here are some designers and their creations that made tongues waggle.

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1.The black dress with gold safety pins by Versace

This dress made headlines and is probably known as Versace’s best known creations. Worn by Elizabeth Hurley as she accompanied Hugh Grant to the 1994 premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral, it is also deemed as being responsible for launching Elizabeth Hurley onto the global media stage. Made of silk and Lycra with oversized gold pins strategically placed in certain areas to hold the dress together, this dress received considerable global media coverage.

mgid-ao-image-mtv2.The green dress worn by J Lo by Versace

Another dress that brought worldwide media and really reinstated Versace’s dominance in the fashion world was the green chiffon dress worn by Jennifer Lopez to the 42nd Grammy Awards in 2000. The fabric had a tropical leaf and bamboo pattern that was printed on to the sheer fabric. The design itself was bold with the neckline extending well past the navel and caused the dress to be part of discussions in various talk shows all around the world for a long while after the event took place. This dress also helped cement Donatella Versace’s career after the death of her designer brother Gianni Versace.

Halle-Berry-in-Elie-Saab-Oscars-Dress3.Halle Berry’s embroidered sheer dress by Elie Saab

It is very rare that an A lister goes to the Oscars wearing a dress not designed by the big fashion houses. She stole the red carpet with her dress which seemed risqué at the time and caused a lot of tongues to waggle – but with a body like that she could afford to carry off the look. She took a gamble with the dress and it worked and helped Elie Saab to get good publicity – firmly launching the brand into the limelight.

4.Anne Hathaway’s glittery dress by Armani Prive

If mermaids could shimmer and their scales could be taken, they would’ve paled against the beauty of this dress. Flattering her figure, it exuded elegance and really stood out in the 2009 Oscars.

5.Jennifer Aniston’s Red Oscars dress by Valentino

She looked radiant and with such an amazing and form flattering gown, she was the highlight of the Red carpet event. There’s something to be said for simple lines that flow with the length of the body. Hooray for feminine lines and class. Valentino’s dress, taken from its Spring 2013 Couture Collection looked much better on Jennifer than on the ramp.

6.Jennifer Lawrence’s red dress by Calvin Klein

Simplicity was the tone of the night with Jennifer’s red sexy dress that hugged her curves but did not have any extra decoratives to detract from the actress’ figure.

Form Follows Function: Fashion Stores that are Icons in their Own Right

They say ‘Form follows function’, but these fashion clothing stores take design to the structure itself. We always associate anything to do with fashion to have style and personality. How boring would it be if famous fashion designers sold their dresses and haute couture garments in a store that resembled a warehouse? Design impacts every aspect of a designer – be it from the creations they produce, the lifestyle they live and the stores they sell their works in. Let’s take a look at some of the best designed fashion clothing stores in the world.

Louis-Vuitton-Island-Maison-Marina-Bay-Sands-Singapore-41.Louis Vuitton’s Island Maison

His Marina Bay Sands store in Singapore, created in 2012 is innovative and radical in terms of design. Conventionality still tends to rule many aspects of the lives we lead and this break away from tradition led to the building of the LV South East Asian flagship store. This radical stand alone store reflects the commitment to fashion and culture that LV radiates and it comes as no surprise to many that the flagship store was designed to truly be a wonder in its own right.


2.Prada’s Aoyama Mosaic Store

Located in Tokyo, this store’s shape is dramatically changed depending upon the angle of incidence of the local profile. It actually depends upon the viewer’s location – the building could either look more like a crystal or like an archaic building with a saddle roof.

19armani-6003.Armani’s NY store

Armani takes design and style to a whole new level. The staircase widens up with it being an intrinsic part of the store’s design. The staircase is the connector of the various floors and originates in a whirlwind fashion which opens up to various things that Armani has.

4.The Puma House in Japan

Created in 2011, this store boasts of a series of staircases that either goes somewhere or nowhere. And the fun and the frustration is what leads people to exercise their bodies’, at the same time it brings to mind the connection to stadium stairs which reminds us of Puma’s long relationship with sports.

5.Valentino’s Milan Store

Opened to celebrate fifty years of the brand’s existence, the new flagship store was created to embrace personal space and not to be a run-of-the-mill store. The store houses many rooms, each of which have their own personality and house the various collections of the Valentino brand. Resembling a palazzo more than a store, this building perfectly imbibes the luxury of Italian culture while still presenting the luxury and uniqueness of the brand itself.

6.Christian Dior’s Tokyo Store

Japan has become a huge market for all things stylish and this store also represents a facet of the brand’s image. Constructed in 2004, this building may seem unimpressive, but the glass exterior protects a second skin inside made of acrylic. This gives a nice play of light, hinting at the fashion delights of what lay beyond.

7.Maison Hermès Tokyo Store

This building was always made to stand out. From its 13000 bespoke, 450mm square glass blocks which have special curved blocks on the corners, this block was made not only to look different and eye catching, but also to withstand earthquakes and absorb seismic chocks that usually affect Japan. Resembling a glowing Japanese lantern, this store represents an element of Japanese culture while also being the ‘light’ of the night.

8.Prada’s NY Store

Combing art and architecture, this store is a space that embraces not only a public space that everyone can enjoy, but also houses a lab, a gallery, the boutique of course and more – This clever plan breaks down any preconceived notions of the brand and to integrate the shopping experience with public activity.

Designer Accessories: Upgrading Your Style

What’s better than the perfect dress? Ok, it may not replace the perfect dress, but the right accessories can make or break your outfit even if you are wearing the latest designer outfit. What many people don’t realize is that the accessories are equally important as the dress itself. When you meet someone for the first time, especially if you’re a woman and you’re meeting another woman at a party, don’t your eyes quickly take in what she’s wearing? Her earrings, necklace, her makeup and her shoes? If your dress looks absolutely gorgeous, but you got scruffy shoes, your outfit will be a big fail.

In recent years accessories have been fast becoming the main revenue of business for many fashion brands. Fashion and fragrances have both been on the down low for the past few years with accessories showing where the cash cow lies. If you want to be on the forefront of the fashion brigade and want to be in know of what’s trending on the catwalks and which of the fashion world’s IT girls are wearing, here are some of the best accessories a girl could have.

  • A Classic Handbag

If you have a good handbag to carry your little necessities, you’re in good hands. You’re wearing a great dress but your bag looks shabby? It’s better to invest in one good handbag rather than multiple cheap fakes which will lose their looks within a few wears. There have been some classics over the years which have inspired a multitude of fakes – but why have silver when you can have gold?

Chanel-Classic-Flap-Bag-SmallThe Chanel flap bag is the classic reinvention of the handbag. Created by Coco Chanel and re-designed by Karl Lagerfield, this bag has become a staple in nearly every girl’s wardrobe – or at least a version of it. Cute and stylish, it adds the class factor to any outfit – casual or otherwise.

  • Shoes

Shoes Maketh or Breaketh an Outfit” Truer words were never spoken. This is the perfect accessory to compliment any outfit. But how do you know which shoes to buy? From heels, to platforms, sneakers to sandals – there’s one for every mood. There may be many high end brands that create the most droolable works of walking art with certain shoe designs, but there are a few that will always remain a classic.

Stiletto-Types-Of-High-Heels-SandalsThe Stiletto – especially if it is black or beige, is the absolutely must-have for every wardrobe. Any of those two colors matches any outfit you wear and can dress up any garment. For a stylish night out or a special evening, these heels will have your back (or your feet). For those who are looking for a more comfortable height and less high fashion can opt for kitten heels. You should check out shoes from the Shoe maestros like Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Alexander Mc Queen or Alexander Mc Queen to name a few.

  • Jewelry

To jazz up a simple LBD or to glam up to make a night out of things, you should team up your dress with a few glitzy items or even class it up with some pieces. A pair of earrings, a necklace, rings or even a jazzy bracelet could work wonders for you.

Think a clunky but gem studded bracelet from Alexis Bittar which has black mother of pearl and elements of crystals and other gems, or choose a statement maker from Alexander McQueen or even just go in for a delicate but utterly feminine Chanel pieces – you’ll feel like you own the world. Whichever accessory you choose to wear, you’re bound to stand out from the crowd.

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